20+ Tools Every Blog Designer Should Use

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Are you a blog designer who wants to explore some tools to make designing easy for you? Are you an aspiring blog designer who doesn’t know what tools to use to begin? I’m sharing these tools I use personally in designing my clients blogs and brands so you can try these too in designing your next project.
1.) Google Chrome – You’ll need Google Chrome as browser to use the extensions no. 2-6
2.) Colorzilla – Use this to get the color code of a color on a webpage. This is ideal to get the exact color from your ideal website or from a photo.
3.) CSS Viewer – Use this to view the CSS style of a segment on a webpage.
4.) What Font – Saw your ideal font on a webpage but don’t know how to get the name of that font? Use what font to detect what font that is.
5.) Screencastify – If you need to record your screen to send to your client, use this extension. Works for tutorials too.
6.) Full Page Screen Capture – You may need to capture your web design to send to your client, this extension will make capturing easy just in a single click.
7.)  Sublime Text – Code your CSS style with ST. It is the text editor for coders.
8.) WampServer  For convenience, it is highly recommended to design a blog on a local server first. It will also reduce CPU usage of the actual site. With WampServer, you can have an actual wordpress installed on your computer and customize a theme without the need of an internet.
9.) Adobe Kuler – Choose a color and get its code. You can ask your client to browse her preferred color from this tool and send you the color codes.
10.) Colour Lovers – Don’t know what color theme to use for your next design? Get an inspiration from Colour Lovers.
11.) Tabifier – Make your CSS code pretty and organized with Tabifier. Having your CSS style not well organized will slow down your site.
12.) Creative Market’s Free Goods – If you love premium freebies, sign up and subscribe to Creative Market to access six weekly freebies. Make sure to keep updated because each set of freebies is only valid for a week. Tip: Connect your Dropbox to Creative Market to sync the freebies easily. If you love freebies, check our my list of sites that offer freebies for designers.
13.) Designing Tutorials on Skill Share – Learn more about designing on Skill Share.
14.) Dropbox – have your files saved online so it is secured and so that you can access those using any device. With Dropbox, you can share files to your clients easily just by sharing a link.
15.) Mock Ups – To showcase your designs, you may want to use a pre-made mock-up. You can insert your design using Illustrator or Photoshop.
16). Type Genius – Find out which fonts you can use that go well together.
17.) Fonts for Commercial Use – Not all freebies are free for commercial use, most of those are free for personal use only. Make sure to read license or terms of use. This collection of fonts is free for both personal and commercial use. It means you can use any of these on items you sell or on your clients’ websites.
18.) Photoshop – Although it has a lot of uses, mainly it works on editing an image.
19.) Illustrator – It works best in making logos, branding materials and vectors.
20.) PicMonkey – For simple editing tasks, I use PicMonkey. It does a lot simple tasks that Photoshop and Illustrator can do.
Hope you find these tools interesting and helpful. Being a blog designer is fun and exciting but it is also challenging. Keeping yourself updated with the latest design trends and tools will make designing easy for you. No doubt that there is an increasing demand of blog designers especially the number of blogs and shop sites is increasing. Not only it will make you earn, but it will also enhance your creativity and designing skills.
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