3 Google Chrome Apps You Can Use To Design Your Blog Without Coding

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For those who want to make small changes on the design of their blogs, no need to pay blog designers. You can customize your own blog using these three Google Chrome Apps. These help in experimenting with designs because these apps allow you to see right away every customization you make.

No one told me about these apps, I just discovered these on my own. Also, I don’t see this technique shared elsewhere. I find now the perfect time to share what I know about these amazing tools to those who want to have their blogs uniquely designed by themselves. Take note that using these apps have limits. They don’t change the layout of your blog but can do minor customization such as changing fonts, colors, sizes, margin, padding, borderline, and many more.  Also, you need to install a pre-built theme of your choice first. You can choose among the free themes or templates and customize it using these apps.

Customize Your Blog Like A PRO With These 3 Google Chrome Apps:

ColorZillaThis app will help you get the exact color code you want to apply for your site. The app has a feature that you can use to know the color codes any website uses. So, if you want to imitate a website’s color combination, this app is your hero.

WhatFont — This app will help you know the font used by your ideal website. If you want to use the same font as your ideal website. Don’t ask them what font they use because they might not tell you. This app will find it out for you.

Stylebot — First thing you should do is to install and activate any free theme on your blog. It doesn’t have to be perfectly your ideal theme because customizing it is this app’s work. But, make sure the layout and theme should be something you almost like but needs more customization.

I know installing these apps are easy but how to use it might be hard for you. If you want to learn how to use these apps, just leave a comment below so I can create a separate blog post about how to use these.

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