8 Informative Websites Every Female Entrepreneur Should Know

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I thought of sharing these websites that have been inspiring me lately. I hope that these may inspire other female entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become one. These are websites owned by brilliant female entrepreneurs who share their tips and ideas for others to grow their business. I kept this list short but filled with quality websites who offer quality entrepreneurial advice.

1. Female entrepreneur association

This website is a great resource for female entrepreneurs. Contents are mostly about marketing, social media training, entrepreneurial mindset, and all things related to business. The website also publishes stories of female entrepreneurs.



The website is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and business-minded bloggers who rebel against icky online marketing, insolent customer service, and dying digital reputations. The website is owned by Olyvia who is a marketing consultant that helps others to get noticed online.


3. Danielle Zeigler

The website is for wellness minded entrepreneurs. Danielle is a coach who helps entrepreneurs to succeed in their business while maintaining their health + sanity.



By Regina is owned by Regina who is an infopreneur and a coach. On her website, Regina shares advice, tips, webinars and checklists for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

by regina

5. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo shares business tips on her website and YouTube channel. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs to improve in their busines and life.

Marie Forleo

6. The Nectar Collective

The Nectar Collective shares various articles, from social media strategy to self-development, that are essential for  the growth of a female entrepreneur.


7. Jamie Delaine

Jamie is a photographer and business coach. She is passionately teaching entrepreneurs how to run their businesses with purpose, creativity, freedom and joy


 8. Marie Poulin

Marie is an idealist, big picture thinker, and lifelong learner. She inspires others to take intentional action, experiment, and see new potential in themselves and their business. She helps business owners bring their big ideas to life.



marie poulin

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