9 Things You Should Do Before You Hire a Web Designer

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I worked with bloggers and entrepreneurs as a web designer or as a web technical assistant (someone who assist clients on how to use or fix their websites). I encountered different types of clients already which makes the job more fun. Some of my clients are already well prepared before hiring me. However mostly aren’t which result to delaying of the completion of their website which is very inconvenient to both of us.
If you are hiring a web designer, you should know that it does not free you from all the work that need to be done.
So, I’m sharing these few things you have to do yourself before hiring a web designer.
1. Get all vital information ready. When you provide all vital information about how you want your site to look like, your web designer’s work will be much more efficient. So it is best to get all necessary information ready, such as a list of your services, your contact, a list of pages you need etc. as well as all the other things highlighted below.
2. Get your domain name and hosting ready. Register a domain name that reflects what services your website offers and purchase a hosting plan which meets your website needs from hosting companies who are reliable. However, if you find setting up your domain and hosting. You may ask your web designer to do this for you, but expect that you will be charged for additional service. To do it yourself or to let your web designer do it, it’s your duty to research which domain and hosting providers are best for your needs.
3. Design your logo. Branding they say is everything, thus, having a unique logo that represents your brand is a necessity. Create or hire a graphic designer to design a high resolution logo in different sizes, shades and format, so the web designer have varieties to work with.
4. Hire a photographer (or buy premium stock photos). Images have been found to be engaging, when present on a website and are of high quality. Good photographs are essential as no matter how awesome a design is, if the images are poor, the website won’t look great. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures that show off your brand. But if that isn’t something you can afford for now, you may check out premium stock photos for sale.
5. Know exactly what you want/need: Compile samples of designs you like so your web designer would have an idea of what to create for you. As you view/stumble on websites whose design you like, take notes and capture specifics on elements such as font style, layout, color scheme etc. You may also provide a sketch of your ideal website layout.
6. Create a list of your website’s unique needs. What exactly does your website need to have to deliver effectively to your target audience. Create a list of your website’s unique needs such as a separate blog page, membership access, a calendar for listing events etc.
7. Create a plan. Start planning how you’ll manage your website before it goes live. Do you want to manage it yourself or hire someone to manage it? Whichever the case, have a calendar and follow it diligently. Decide on what your content will be about, when to add content as well as who can add content.
8. Consider your audience. Who are you designing the website for? What do they like? It is essential to know your target audience very well, so your web designer can have a clear idea of how to translate their needs into the design of your website.
9. Get contents ready. You already have a plan and know your target audience. What you need to do next is to get contents ready for your designer to build your website around. This helps the designer to see the site structure and how things are working out.
Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

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