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8 Things I Gave Up Before Joining Med School

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I’m a multipassionate person. I like doing a lot of things at the same time. Aside from studying, I handle a lot of social media accounts for marketing, websites and online communities, I work as a freelancer and I blog on multiple blogs. During college years, it was kind of manageable but it was already tiresome and there were times I had to really set aside the other to complete the other. My med student friends have been warning me that in med school multi-tasking won’t bring me good. I was told that I really had to give up things to survive med school. As much as I wanted to keep doing what I used to do and live without pressures of following demands and detailed instructions (I used to do things on my own way since I work as a freelancer), I have to acquire a more disciplined, focused and goal-oriented lifestyle. I got a pinch of what med school is but I would not really know what it looks like unless I am already in med school myself. Before joining med school, I am preparing myself by reducing time consuming activities, getting rid of distractions, adapting a fit lifestyle and renovating the place where I live to become a minimalist, study-friendly, comfortable and relaxing place. By doing these, I am becoming ready to accept whatever demands and commands med school would require me. I would adjust less difficult because I already prepared myself to it. I ruined much of myself when I encountered burnout and I’m doing my best not to reach that point again. So here are the detailed list of things I gave up before joining med school;

Freelancing — as of the moment, I still am working on few projects that I already committed myself into. I’m not anymore accepting further projects as a solo freelancer. Freelancing is a time consuming job. I’m now focused on passive ways to earn online – monetizing my blogs.

Some of my websites — I’m managing a lot of websites before but now I’m only managing 3 fully developed websites, 2 parked domains. I sold and leased some of my websites. I still have many remaining but I’m not requiring myself to update these often. I have one for a religious purpose, one is a canvas of my writinggasm and the others are for profit and investment.

Some of my social media accounts — I’m using social media wiser now. I don’t demand myself to post often but just when I really need to especially promoting my blog contents. I also gave away some social media accounts that aren’t beneficial but are merely distraction.

Ineffective study habit — My current study habit won’t help me in med school. I am currently trying to figure out a study habit while I’m on my last academic trimester and while studying for my licensure exam.

Boxes of stuff — I decluttered my closet, and my entire place. I gave away and trashed boxes of stuff that I piled up in my 4 years stay here in Manila. I prefer to keep less things — those that I usually use. Too much stuff means more things to clean, maintain and give space to. I prefer a minimal home set-up since I’m living alone and med school may drain almost all my time. I want a place I can clean up easily and keep clothes I can wash without getting too tired. So, that I don’t have to spend too much time in household chores.

Sedentary lifestyle — Although I’m exhausted almost everyday, mostly of my work are sitting and not that heavy tasks. I’m more mentally exhausted. I admit that in the past year, I’ve been trapped in a sedentary lifestyle that did no good in my overall health. I can’t keep myself like this in med school. I’m performing better in academics and extra curricular activities when I’m fit and physically active.

Being introvert — I’d been in between introvert and extrovert but recently I’ve been more of an introvert due to low self esteem, life pressures and self-doubts. And, I’m not comfortable with this kind of set-up anymore. I want to lessen spending most of my time alone and start putting value in my relationships with family, relatives and friends. I have to be more vocal, exploratory and sociable especially that my chosen career is dealing with all types of people.

Fear of blood, surgery and such medical things — It came to the point that I doubted myself of being a doctor due to these fears. But, I had to get rid of these fears to open door of love with the medical field.

These are just few of the changes I have to accept before joining med school. I know there are more I have to change, give up, adjust and adapt in order for me to survive med school. It’s going to be a tough journey and I’m preparing myself to it as much as possible.

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Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

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