Imagine going in 7/11  buying each of everything you see in there and consuming all right away. You won’t be able to move well, you’ll feel lazy and you’ll feel sick and unhealthy, isn’t? When it comes to physical diet, we know exactly the effects of consuming too much food. But, many of us aren’t noticing the effects of consuming too much information to our mental health.

I was asked several times how I managed my time, how I do things at the same time. Some think being a full time student, freelance designing, part time teaching and blogging on multiple blogs all at the same time make me a very productive person. But, deep inside me I know the truth —multi-tasking is, most of the times, intoxicating.

Doing a lot of things make me consume a lot of information in a very short period of time. Obviously, it is because of the power of technology. Being aware of a lot of things is great but just like our physical diet, if we consume too much unhealthy information, we will end up having an unhealthy mind.

I used to browse the internet  almost everyday but seeing too much unhealthy, false and unnecessary information doesn’t help me at all. Rather it makes me confused, stressed and distracted.

Same goes to doing a lot of activities that aren’t beneficial to my growth or aren’t necessary at the moment so I started quitting activities that won’t help me focus on my priorities.

Lately, I realized the importance of prioritization to creating a quality result. It’s extremely necessary to know what your priorities are in order to be productive with high quality results.

Specially now I’m on my last year of my college and doing internship, I have to reduce distractions and focus on my priorities.

So here are what I started doing and things I’m about to do to detoxify myself from unhealthy information and activities:

  1. Limit my freelance design services and accept only 1-2 clients per month
  2. Focus on online passive income more than freelancing
  3. Quit working as a freelance designer at a small company
  4. Delete blogs that I can’t handle
  5. Sell websites (high potential) I built but I can’t manage anymore
  6. Deactivate social media accounts that I can’t manage
  7. Set a blogging schedule that are not stressful (blogging should be my way to relax not pressured)
  8. Say no to tasks I can’t handle
  9. Create projects that are attainable
  10. Set a study schedule and strategy that aren’t boring
  11. Uninstall games and unnecessary apps on my mobile
  12. Workout daily to avoid feeling lazy (laziness lead to doing unnecessary activities)
  13. Clean up my personal Facebook account — Unfriended or unfollowed some friends
  14. Limit phone and computer usage
  15. Print out study materials (digital versions make me easily distracted!)

These are the things I started and about to start doing to detoxify myself from unhealthy information and activities or simply called distractions! Hoping for a great result. How about you? Is there a point in your life when you had to quit doing things to detoxify yourself from distractions?

Najmah is a Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Roots in Marawi. Born and raised in Jeddah. Studying in Manila. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. Check more of her works on Hijabi Mag

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