How To Build An Online Presence Without Relying On Traffic

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Years ago, I considered having a high traffic as they key in building my online presence. I used to check my traffic, domain authority and page rankings daily. I thought that those define the potential success of my online brand. After a year of freelancing, I learnt that having a high traffic is not necessary in building an online presence. I still do track my analytics but not as often as before. I check it to assess the health of my blog by identifying which page/post attracts more visitors.

On this blog post, I will share how I build my online presence without relying on traffic. I noticed one thing among bloggers and entrepreneurs. They are too anxious of their SEO, website traffic and page ranks. That anxiety prevents them from actually working to boost their online presence.

Before I continue sharing what I’ve learned, I want to clarify few things.

  1. I offer blog design, graphic design and other services on my creative studio
  2. I sell hosting space and domain names

I mentioned these to give you an idea that most of my earnings are not from advertisement, sponsored posts and such (which usually need high domain authority, page ranking and monthly traffic).

I agree that having a higher website traffic could increase my potential of earning. But, I’m building a career online not to earn more money but to earn enough to sustain the simple life I want to live while still doing other things I want to do in my life.

In my case, instead of building my online presence using traffic, SEO and page ranking, I’m building it by building a community, providing quality service, having a kind and friendly relationship with clients, collaborating with other bloggers and entrepreneurs and doing whatever I want.

Three top lessons I’ve learned from building my online presence


Community is not measured by Analytics

A traffic is just a tracker of visitors who viewed your website/blog while a community is a group of real people who are living a life. A community is the people who communicate with you, support your projects, share it, buy it and promote it to others. Having high website traffic doesn’t mean having an engaged community. These two don’t correlate with each other.

My traffic decreased in the past few months but those were the months my income started to increase. It was because I focused on my chosen communities. I left several communities and stick to few that I know I can take part and that will help me grow. I got to know people who I share the same interests with, people I got inspired knowing and people who need my services.

Having a community helped me by inspiring me and motivating me to improve in whatever I do.

My community is more about real people while my analytics are empty numbers.


In this saturated industry, you should not see your potential companions as competitors. Instead of having the thoughts of competing with them, why not support them and ask them for a collaboration. Be a companion by inspiring others, especially those newbies, even though they have the same blog niche and business as you.

By removing those competition thoughts, you are converting a friendly atmosphere. Those you think are threat to your online career are actually the ones who can help you. Make them feel that you aren’t a threat to them but a friend they can rely. At the same time, allow them to be your companion. Doing collaboration projects or making a mastermind group will help you grow together.


When I was starting freelancing, the top advice I got was never to work for free. I didn’t follow that advice. As a new freelancer, I didn’t have a portfolio and I lack experience. So, I offered my services for free and then charged my clients for a small amount for extra services. I grab every opportunity that I know will help me learn, experience great things and help others.  My aim is to provide a quality service that my clients would never forget. Then since then, my clients recommend me to their friends and it helped in increasing my exposure.  It is a proof that the word of others is a lot powerful than the traffic I had.

I know that many find traffic an important tool in their growth and online presence but it has not been the case for me. I’m sharing this for those who want to build their career online without relying on traffic. I want you to know that there’s no one way in building your online presence. Although everyone promotes ways to increase traffic and page rankings, it doesn’t mean it is the only way for you to build your online presence. You may discover your own ways just like how I discovered mine.

Hope this blog post has helped you in a way. Share us your ways of building your online presence.

Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

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