How To Gain Your Smile After A Horrific Binge?

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Thoughts such as punishing yourself through starving and extreme workout may come in your mind after a binge. Say NO to such thoughts and forgive yourself. Think that tomorrow is another brand new day, so be hopeful that you won’t be doing the same mistake again. Comfort yourself rather than disappointing yourself.

Remember that a day of binge will not make you add weight right away but you may get heavier cause of water retention so next thing you should do is do not step on the scale for few days. It will just make you disappointed to see those pounds added to your weight.

There must be a reason behind everything, even to every binge. The next thing you must do is to discover the reason behind your binge. It will help you to stop binge. Have a time alone and ask yourself why. You may get shocked that the reason is actually something you’ve been ignoring. Sometimes, your body will call our attention through binges. You just have to know how to listen.

Divert your attention to healthy activities that will help you forget that horrific binge you had. Find fun-filled activities that will help you stay away from another binge. You may try dancing, yoga or playing indoor or outdoor sports with friends or family. You may try watching and instead of accompanying the movie with a bag of junk food, choose a bowl of cereals or fruits. Avoid things that will tempt you to have an unhealthy binge such as going out with friends who love eating junks or going to a place where food will tempt you.

After a binge, eat normally and do not change your eating routine by fasting or decreasing your calorie intake. If you follow a workout program, do not skip. Stick to your normal routine. Start the day as if no binge happened, do not let that binge ruin your day and the following days you will have. Keep yourself on track and do not forget to smile.

Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

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