How To Keep Blogging When No One Seems To Care

I started blogging to express my thoughts, to communicate and to just explore my creativity. But just like anybody else, at some point I felt giving up cause I felt like no one is interested to listen to whatever I have to say, no one is waiting for my next blog post, no one cares to know what’s happening with my life lately, whether or not I’m fine, if I managed to lose weight, to overcome my fears, low self esteem and anxiety or if I am able to start believing in my abilities.

There are several times when I believed in my ideas, spent hours or even days to put those ideas into a blog and then when it’s published – there are metrics, stats and such that show how few people, or none, viewed and how abundant don’t.  Times like that make me feel like my voice isn’t worth listening or my ideas aren’t worth giving attention. And as a blogger who invested time, effort and money into blogging – sometimes I feel like it’s all waste.

What makes it worst is when people close to me, family and friends, think I’m really wasting my life onto something that is not worth it. They don’t understand what I do, how I earn online, how blogging helped my business, how it helped me discover my potentials, how it helped me as an individual- sometimes they make me feel like it’s all really a waste.

I felt like no one understands why I had to invest for a domain and hosting, why I had to buy premium theme, why I had to change my brand names several times, why my blog posts took hours to complete. Sometimes I wanted someone to talk to who understand me and not who just nods and say “okay that’s cool” but with facial reaction saying I’m weird.

Sometimes blogging is a competition not with other bloggers but with my own negative thoughts. It’s normal and I know many experience it too. But despite all these, I keep on blogging. I keep on doing what I feel like worth it. I’m not giving up for readers ignoring me, I keep on doing this for few readers who find my blog worth reading, who keep on recommending my blog posts to others, who keep on messaging me privately for help because they believe in me, who keep on requesting me to blog on specific topics because they believe I could, who keep on reading my blog posts silently. I keep on blogging for myself – who finds blogging an outlet of my thoughts, ideas and learning, who finds blogging a tool of communication, who finds blogging a friend.

I’ve been blogging for a long time, but my blogs don’t get traffic unlike those few years old blog that have thousands of views daily and thousands of followers. I know exactly why and that’s another long story.

Though at first, I was totally clueless of what I was doing and what good blogging would bring me still I didn’t give up. And, despite the discouragements I faced that tried to stop me, I keep on blogging.

The changes and transformation of blogging and bloggers pressured many bloggers to be more than just a blogger – some become entrepreneurs, educators, creatives, designers, YouTube stars, Instagram famous. I admit at some point, I felt the need to be more than just a blogger as well. But, I learnt to chuck off those thoughts and to listen to what I really want to do and to just let myself grow without imitating others or trying hard to achieve something I am not.

So how not to give up when you’re working hard on what you love yet it seems like no one cares at all?

Have a greater purpose. Instead of aiming for likes, traffic, comments and following – aim for quality and timeless blog posts. You may not get your blog post go viral for days, having a high quality blog posts that are timeless will be visited even after a year or two.

Some people actually cares. Believe that there are people who actually reads your blog and who expect something new from you every time they visit your blog. Know that metrics don’t always show how many loyal readers you have. Not all page views are your loyal readers and not all your loyal readers visit your blog often. Some loyal readers follow you on your social media accounts, they’ll visit your blog right when you share an update about your blog on your social media accounts. On the other hand, some page views are just viewing and not actually reading, some even just visited your blog by mistake. So, don’t ever use metrics to measure how many people actually cares. Also, keep your intention clean which is to help others and to only bring good to others.

Don’t please people. If you are blogging to please people, to get their attention, to be appreciated by them then you’re doing it wrong. You can never please everyone. While some may get interested with your blog posts, some won’t. And, that’s okay.

Live your life. Do what you want to do, don’t neglect your duties, have a talk with friends, and spend time with your family. The more you spend your time offline, the more you get an inspiration to blog about something.

Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

Author: Najmah

Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

45 thoughts on “How To Keep Blogging When No One Seems To Care”

  1. Assalamu 3alaykum sister Najmah,

    Barakallahufiki for your advised and for sharing with us the reality, the not-always-easy reality.

    I think if you make the intention (niyah) to write in order to help other/to share your knowledge – for the sake on Allah – so it is not a waste. I try to keep this in mind before I start to write an article on my blog.

    Have a sweet and beneficial jumu3ah and weekend inshaAllah!
    Wassalamu 3alaykum!

    Ummu Meriem.

    1. Waalaikom salaam, Wa iyyak barakallah. Jazakillah khair for the sweet words. That’s right when our intention is to write to help others we won’t be discouraged with how few or little we gain and we won’t actually even notice it.
      Keep in touch sis. <3

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    Dropping by to say barakallahu feeki for this article! Inspires me so much to pick up writing again. Please keep on writing & looking forward to keep up with all good things you have in store.

    ❤️s, Dian from Dublin xx

  3. I love this post – when I started blogging, and now actually, there are sometimes that when I tell people I blog, they will say nice things but they don’t mean it because their face tells a different story. It sucks because it’s often friends and family that I have experienced this with. I agree, we need to find out why we are blogging and make it about more than traffic and likes! Spending time doing things with others is where my inspiration for posts come from! Keep blogging x

    1. Oh, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feel this. Lol.
      Encountered a lot who would ask me about my blogs and when I started to talk about it, they’d start showing weird reactions haha. But worse is when your family and friends don’t support you at all, and think you’re wasting time on useless things, just because they dont understand.

      Keep blogging sis. In shaa Allah we blog with intention which is to help and inspire others.

  4. I totally agree sister. I think another thing is that blogging is very competitive these days. People are seeing such high quality everything that it can be overwhelming to try to keep up. It takes time to learn how to write well, find your voice, show your vision through HQ photos. And most importantly it takes a TON of interaction with the community. SubhanAllah after I started reaching out more on other blogs and just interacting online my traffic has seen an increase, not only in views but with real engagement. People love to engage with others if you take the time for it!

  5. Ok Najmah, I don’t even know where to start. I love your blog, I’m one of these people who wait for you to post something new. These feelings are exactly mine. I often argue with my very pessimistic side and tell myself that it worth it and I’m gonna make it ! Thank you for this amazing article Najmah.

    1. Thanks Maryam! You are so sweet. I am happy to know that I’m not really the only who feel these sometimes. In shaa Allah, we blog with clear intention which is to benefit and inspire others.

      Keep blogging sis!

  6. Loved this post! I love blogging like others love journaling. Realistically, I crave some readership. It is nice to know there is someone on the other end reading your words and thoughts. However, it is even more profound to know that I can go back and see growth or connect to myself. I especially love how you addressed the creative aspect. This was such a great reminder piece.

  7. I am a newbie in this field and i believe whatever we do in our lives should have a clear mission n a well defined vision. Blogging for me is my way of relaxing my mind and making peace with myself, giving direction to my distractions and expressing myself on whatever catches my fancy. Audience, traffic, marketing, advertisement, monetization are not sole purposes and hold secondary position. Work hard and productively and your desired outcomes will follow your footsteps. Clarity of mind and focus/determination are important.

  8. I REALLY love this. I’ve been blogging in one form or another for the last 15 years and even in my most successful times have never been truly successful. It’s a crazy thing we do…I so appreciate the support you show here! <3

  9. Good words of wisdom. I have heard many people discussing this lately and I have to admit I too get frustrated. I’ve been blogging only a couple of years and I still see people start out and go viral while I plod along. I felt a bit burned out after the end of the year and have only just started feeling the urge to post again this week. Carry on blogging friend – glad I was able to meet you through #‎bloggingboost‬.

  10. Ive been on this shoes for countless of times and yes sometimes its easy to just give up and shut up. Not say whatever it is that we wanted the world to read. But keep doing what your doing. The world needs more of you.

    1. Thanks Ella for the comment. Will definitely continue what I’m doing, regardless how few or many who read my blog. I’m doing this because I enjoy doing this and for people, even they are few, who get benefited with what I post.

  11. JazakaAllah khair for those wonderful tips… It’s like the need of the hour for me… M sure u know your tips are a huge hit and you make things easy for newbies like me…

  12. YES, it can be so difficult to keep writing when you are worried abou t’keeping up’ with the latest trends and running a nearly impossible race in a popularity contest! I always try to write posts I know will help others, and even it helps just a few, thats ok with me too 🙂 Thank you for sharing this personal story it is very encouraging to know that I (that we) are not the only ones. Alhamdulillah for everything <3

  13. Good! Now I know, “I am not the only one.” Great tips.

    Forget blogging, is anyone truely interested in others life? Do we always get desired reaction? At least as bloggers our articles are left intact. Even if one person benefits from it, its great.

    1. JazakAllah khair sis. I agree to this.
      I realized that we should not expect others to care or to know what we are up to, we should blog mainly to benefit others not to gain something back.

  14. Jazakillah khayr for your thoughts and advice. I feel like this at times too, especially my story posts, as they never get the attention that the recipe posts get. But once in a while a post will suddenly be shared by a random person, making it ‘timeless post’:-)

  15. Assalamu aleikum sis, I love refreshing posts like yours. Things people experience and don’t always say outloud. Masha’Allah, you’re an inspiration. I really this sentence “Sometimes blogging is a competition not with other bloggers but with my own negative thoughts.” I believe that too. Sometimes, the nagging thoughts in my mind need to come out otherwise I’ll go crazy. Houb salam and know that you’re doing a great job alhamdullilah, mA :), XX!

  16. Najmah it’s like you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth 🙂 This post is so refreshing and honest. We all go through these challenges. I know sometimes I can get so wrapped up on numbers and stats.

    Looking at the bigger picture makes it much more stress-free on a daily basis. I was thinking to myself, that when it comes to losing weight, you’d never step on the scale everyday to monitor the pounds you’ve lost – it’s pretty much impossible to see a drastic change each day. But I used to do that with my blog – mentally monitoring every like/comment/email etc. every single day. It’d weigh my mind down and dampen my hopes. After that, I literally just stopped thinking about stats on a daily basis and focused on the bigger picture. (as you wonderfully said about having a greater purpose).

    I think ‘silent readers’ are really important… you can’t track if they’ve liked/commented on your post but they’re eagerly waiting for your content 🙂 But you’d never know lol.

  17. I usually try to write something beneficial or interesting, but I know I do not have that much readers. That does not matter to me though, as long as those who read can benefit from it. I also don’t know how I would feel if I have many readers, as until recently I try to keep my blog private. Now I am trying a wider outreach, such as the sisters in Muslimah Bloggers, and that’s enough for me for now lolz.

  18. Najmah,

    I feel you. I suppose it depends on why you blog. It is easier for me when I started blogging ( and I really did not care if people read or not. I was writing for myself.

    Pretty soon though, friends would tell me they were reading my blog. Later, there would be occasional strangers sending me private messages.

    In my case, for the above blog I mentioned, it was considered a time and money expense. I was spending for the sheer pleasure of writing.

    On my new blog, there is a difference. I still retain the same standard of adding value to readers, but I am keeping my options open for monetizing.

    I do realize that it could take years to build a following that could earn a substantial income, so in the end, what keeps me going is passion.

    And here is my post on why I blog:

  19. Baarakallahu feeki dear sister,

    Purify your intention; keep doing what you love and remember WHY you do it and enjoy doing it.

    Blogging is a journey full of highs and lows – I just love to take lessons from my highs and lows always.

    It is worth remembering that your greatest fans really care; they are just waiting for the right moment to connect with you, so keep reaching out while offering them opportunities to connect with YOU.

  20. I really understand where you come from. It’s not easy to just keep blog about your passion when no one seems to bat an eye. I have dealed with that. Once I stop caring so much of what others would like to read ans started to write because I love to write, subscribers started to come and comments and interection as well. Don’t give up because you have a lovely blog here.

  21. It hit me how you said the closest people to us sometimes think that blogging is just a waste of time. I get that a lot. They don’t understand that through blogging, I get to express myself. I get to share my experiences that be helpful to other people. I get to share whatever discovery that others may be interested in also. It’s sad that the people who should be supporting you are sometimes the ones doubting you. But that shouldn’t bring us down. It should be a challenge to us to show them the benefits we, as bloggers, and them, as readers get from blogging.

    1. well, nowadays… Maraming Mang Mang at nag cocomment ng “First”! :))

      I agree, which is the closest one didn’t have the time to open the link and read it. You can compare it to numbers of like on your facebook link share to your visitor stats.

      Or maybe one of the reason is, they don’t have load, free facebook and their neighbor WIFI is turn OFF.

      Haha Just my insight!

  22. There was a time in my blogging life that I felt exactly like you did. But I never gave up. After two years, I noticed my blog has been getting 8k visitors a month. I know not that much compared to others but at least progressing. Don’t ever quit. Things will get better 🙂

  23. well, nowadays… Maraming Mang Mang at nag cocomment ng “First”! :))

    I agree, which is the closest one didn’t have the time to open the link and read it. You can compare it to numbers of like on your facebook link share to your visitor stats.

    Or maybe one of the reason is, they don’t have load, free facebook and their neighbor WIFI is turn OFF.

    Haha Just my insight!

  24. Sometimes you need to do what your heart tells you and ignore others…I realised this too late …ignore those that think you are wasting are doing a great job

  25. Asalamoalikum,
    Najma, this is my story .I can feel myself .but mind you up to the mid, rest is yours.
    Congrats you have reached the mark.
    Remember in prayers.

  26. Assalamau alayki sis. JazakAllaahu khayran for this. I miss my space and now that i have a laptop again i hope to pour some love into my little space. xxx

  27. Assalam o alaikum!

    This is so encouraging especially for a newbie like myself. I was actually feeling really down today as your rightly pointed out that it hurts when people close to you also don’t care about what you write.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement.

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