How to Sizzle your Blog with Authenticity?

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Although blogging can be fun and rewarding, it takes hard work to run a successful blog. Authenticity is one of the major requirement to keep your viewers interested in your content. Hence, striving to always publish authentic content on your blog is essential to its success.
Authenticity is however an art and may be difficult to express properly. There is no single or specific way of making your blog sizzle with authenticity, as authenticity is viewed by people differently. Being authentic is putting in the hard work of creating your own content, expressing an idea in your own unique way without worrying whether your audience are going to love you or not, as well as delivering in your content, exactly what your post title suggests – that is, being generally honest.
Generally, to be authentic is to not fill up your blog with articles from other blogs, nor copy paste other people’s work, word for word and worse of all, try to pass it off as yours. Your blog will definitely not come off as authentic, nor will you be taken seriously as many do not like people who fake it. Stand out and be unique by creating your own content. Create an editorial calendar so you have enough time to write your own articles. And if in any case you have to copy a post from another blog, ensure you ask for permission and reference the blog.
In the same vein, for your blog to sizzle with authenticity, you have to make sure you do not write to impress anyone, jump on the popularity band wagon or follow the trends. It is your blog and you have the right to decide on what to share and what not to share. However, whatever, it is you decide to share, it is important that you are being real. Be completely honest. Of course been real does not mean you have share it all – especially if you are running a blog about yourself. Just be honest in whatever you decide to share.
Don’t garnish your writing with forced enthusiasm or exaggerations in an attempt to make your audience like you or manipulate them to subscribe to your idea. Let your true self shine through your content to show your uniqueness. Air your opinions regardless of whether they are of popular beliefs or not, and without fear of reprimand.
For your blog to sizzle with authenticity, listen to your audience’ suggestions, criticisms and opinions, but do not allow them to influence you so much that you begin to write to please them. If anyone disagrees with your opinion, they are free to air theirs as well, just as you are free to agree or disagree with them. Don’t fake an agreement just because you don’t want them to dislike you. Instead, stamp your blog with your brand of authenticity and your blog will definitely sizzle, as there are so many people out there who would love your brand.
Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

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