Let God Make You Whole Again

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There are times when everything you thought you could achieve, people you thought you could be with, plans you thought you could turn into reality would just banish out of a sudden although you exerted your best and prayed hard for it. Sometimes, the only option left for you is to accept, to be patient and to let Allah guide you through what’s best for you. Sometimes, it’s painful to admit that what we worked hard for is gone or what you wished for will never ever happen. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the wisdom behind every failure. Sometimes, it’s hard to admit that although you don’t see anything wrong; people would see it as if it’s wrong. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept that although all your intention was nice and for the sake of Allah, still it’s not what you deserve. But, in times like that, it is when we should connect more to our Almighty Allah because it is when He tests us if we are worthy of His good plans for us. It is the time when we should believe that our duas were answered but the answers weren’t yes. It is the time when we should remind ourselves that not all what we think are best for us, are the best for us. It is the time when we should surrender the broken pieces of ourselves to Him and let Him fixes us whole again. It’s hard and it’s painful but in time we will be whole again – reborn into stronger and wiser person.

We should not regret any good thing that happened to us. Even though they had to end, still we should value the good things and lessons those brought to us. Maybe today it’s hard to understand but soon we will. And, remember that Allah replaces whatever He gets from us with something better. Stop worrying and Trust Him. Allah knows best.

The thing that all of us have in common is that we all go through difficulties in our lives. Each day that we are given an opportunity to live, we often encounter struggles from simply how to start our day right to how to perform all our 5 daily prayers.

Some of us are strong to face the storm with faith and trust in Allah, while some try to run away from the storm expecting to get ease and comfort from other than Allah. They run away from the storm because of fear of pain, discomfort and the difficulties it brings. They sacrifice the deen for temporary ease and joy that that this dunya offers.

A great example is when we face financial problems. We have to pay bills, and provide necessities for our family and so when we run out of money, our faith will be tested. It is not to punish us but to test us how we will manage such situation. Are we going to work harder to earn halal income, and keep the faith in Him stronger, or are we going to engage to sources of income that are haraam? Truly, if we do the right way we will be blessed with much more than the patience, and hard work we exerted to please Allah despite the difficulties. And, if we lose the hope and faith in Him and engage to haraam activities, we push ourselves to bigger and more complicated difficulties and obstacles.

We keep on running away from difficulties by doing what most do, having fun, sacrificing the deen, trying a lot of things that won’t benefit us, while we forget the real essence of our existence which is to worship our Almighty. Only in Allah we find solace. If we don’t face the daily tests that He gives us then we fail to live our purpose. The storms that Allah gives us are not to destroy us but to mold us into individuals who are stronger, wiser, better. Those storms that we run from are actually what shape us to be the best version of ourselves.

Our body, personality, character, and success are all molded with struggles. Undergoing several stages of growth, we went through various struggles of changes and transformation. Attaining degrees, we went through various examinations and pressure. We don’t get Jannah instantly, we should go through various storms to test us if we deserve to live eternally in Jannah.

We spend most of our life running away from the storms, chasing the easy pathway, but we don’t realize that it is necessary for us to face the storm and win over it to save us from drowning. One of the greatest lessons we can get from the story of Prophet Nuh is that the storm saved him and the few believers during his time from harm, the storm is what separated them from the disbelievers and polytheists and it is the same storm that brought them to a safer place to begin anew.

Truly Allah gives us difficulties because He knows we can handle it, and that it is good for us. So appreciate the storm, let the storm bring you to prostration, and make you humble before Allah. Let those storms remind you of the Mercy of Allah and let those storms transform you to an individual that pleases Allah.

There may be instances when you think your sins are too big for Allah to forgive you. Then, you keep on sinning and putting yourself further away from Allah because you think that He will not accept you. Due to your guilt, you are holding yourself from becoming better. But, you should remind yourself that the Mercy of Allah is infinite. Allah will forgive your sins even if they reach up to the sky.

“Allah, the Exalted, has said: `O son of Adam! I shall go on forgiving you so long as you pray to Me and aspire for My forgiveness whatever may be your sins. O son of Adam! I do not care even if your sins should pile up to the sky and should you beg pardon of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam! If you come to Me with an earthful of sins and meet Me, not associating anything with Me in worship, I will certainly grant you as much pardon as will fill the earth.” [At-Tirmidhi]

There may be times when you stopped asking dua because you felt that they won’t be heard, you stopped reading Qur’an because you felt that Allah is angry at you, and you stopped praying because you think you will never be forgiven by Allah. But those are just whispers of shaitaan. If you are really sincere to repent and to ask forgiveness from Allah, He will not just forgive you but shower you with His countless blessings.

Every time you pray you have different situation, emotion or condition. Sometimes you feel down, lonely, or sad. But during prayer, you are being reminded of His mercy because you start the prayer with “In the name of Allah, the most Merciful and the most Beneficent.” It is to remind you not to feel bad because Allah is the Most Merciful. You can get through any trial if you have firm faith in Him. It is the reminder that begins every surah in the Qur’an except surah tawbah.

Remember that in Qur’an, there are many verses that tell how Merciful and forgiving Allah is.

“God is much-forgiving, forbearing.” [3:155]

“for God is indeed an absolver of sins, much-forgiving.” [4:99]

“for God is much-forgiving, forbearing.” [5:101]

“He pardons much” [42:34]

“God is indeed an absolver of sins, much-forgiving” [58:2

“And whoever does evil or wrongs himself but afterwards seeks Allah’s forgiveness, he will find Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”


“…He will not punish them while they seek (Allah’s) forgiveness.”


“do not lose hope of God’s life-giving mercy: verily, none but people who deny the truth can ever lose hope of God’s life-giving mercy.” [12:87]

There are a lot more verses that explain the infinity of the mercy of Allah. You should understand that if you just put away those thoughts and turn back to Allah with sincerity, you will never fail to get His forgiveness. To take that step towards Allah and become closer to Him, you must fulfill your duties towards Him by performing your daily prayers, supplicating, remembering Him, and performing all acts with an intention which is for the sake of Him.

Remember that Allah is not like human beings who get tired of forgiving and who sometimes can’t even forgive at all. Allah is incomparable to any of His creation. He does not get tired of forgiving. Even if you turn back to Him again and again again, He will forgive and accept you again and again. No matter how big your sins are, the mercy of Allah is always greater. But, this is not to encourage you to sin. Be reminded that Allah knows what is in your heart, so fool not Him.

Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

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