As a multi passionate person, I want to contribute and to reach out to people in various ways. I want to explore every interest and passion that I have been craving to work on – content creation, wellness, entrepreneurship, medicine.

Some are best at growing at a specific field while some have multiple interests that they want to expand with them as they grow as individuals. There is nothing wrong trying out different things and to contribute in different ways but exploring all at once or multitasking won’t bring us closer to accomplishing any of our goals. Multitasking does not work for me and for a lot of people. It could be done but the quality of output becomes less than when you do things with full attention.

In my own experience, trying out a lot of things at the same time led me to destroy more than create an output. It turned me into a jack of all trades but a master of none. It made me waste my time and made me ignore the opportunities that are already in my hand.

Currently, I am a medical student. I admit that during my first semester I was extremely distracted. I felt that being a full time student deprived me so much of living my other dreams. I was a fresh graduate in college and just a month later I joined med school. Since then I felt sad whenever people remind me of my other dreams that I had to set aside. That made me forget that I am now living one of my dreams which is to become a med student. It is a role that I need to live now and that needs full attention .I was looking at what’s missing and ignored things that I already have. I became irresponsible with my commitment to med school. I was extremely distracted because I wanted to achieve something to be proud of myself and so that others would be proud of me too.

It took me several failing grades, sad nights, confused days to convince myself successfully that I do not have to rush things to become how I visualized myself, I should enjoy and live the process, and I should be content of who I am now. I should look at myself as both a masterpiece and a work in progress. Even without all the things I already achieved, I am already God’s masterpiece and I will always be. I struggled to recognize myself as such because I was looking at my imperfections as defined by the society and at those things I don’t possess that I think people want to see in me.

Personally, I have so many room for improvements but that doesn’t make me less. I have so many unaccomplished ambitions but that’s fine. By having this kind of mindset, if helped me encode in my system that I do not have to rush myself to do so many things just to be recognized or feel great because I am already great.

If you have multiple passions and interests but find yourself not accomplishing anything, these are for you:

  • Narrow down your goals. Write all your goals and then start crossing out those that are not necessary at the moment until you come up with just 2 or 3. The less goals left, the better. Those goals that are left are your goals that need immediate action and full attention at the moment or else the opportunity of working those will be gone. It will be hard but do everything you can to convince yourself that for now you need to focus on those goals. Personally, I narrowed down my goals into three areas that are my priorities for the first five months of the year and I came up with — bettering my prayers, losing weight and passing my first year in med school. By having narrowed goals, it guided me recognize which are important at the moment and which are not. This task is painful because it’s difficult to cross out things that are important for me as well but I managed to convince myself that I am not giving those up, I just have to work on those some other time.
  • Set a realistic duration/deadline to your goals. For example, my goals for the next five months are: 1.) faith (bettering my prayers especially during class days), 2.) weight loss (I set a specific weight loss goal), and 3.) academic performance (my goal is to pass this first year.) I give it five months because it is the duration of my semester and I don’t want to be distracted during the semester. My academic performance need full attention specially at this moment.
  • Set ideal duration for your other goals too. Most of the times our interest in achieving our other goals or working with our other passions triggers us during the duration of our current focus. We think: “I can’t wait to do this”, “I’m losing time, I should do this too.” We become more eager to do our other goals that are not necessary at the moment making us distracted with our current focus. To deal with this, set ideal duration for your other goals too so you have an idea in mind when you will make those too. Every time you feel distracted by those lesser important goals, convince yourself that you should be patient and wait because soon you will work on those at the specific duration you set for it. In my planner, after 5 months (current focus duration) during summer vacation I will focus on faith but this time with fasting and reading Qur’an (it’ll be Ramadan that time) at the same time write high quality blog posts on my other blog.
  • Convince yourself that you are already enough. Sometimes we wanted to do so much to overcome our insecurities. We wanted to prove something to ourselves and to others. Our mindset is that if we achieve a lot, we become better people. You should convince yourself that you are already enough. What you are now is already enough. You are working on your current goals to improve yourself and to explore your passions not to fill in gaps. There’s no gap or missing piece in you because you are already complete as you are. By having this kind of mindset, you will not rush things and you will be able to enjoy the process of achieving your goals one at a time.
  • Be grateful every single day. Having a gratitude journal also helps a lot to reflect on how blessed we are every single day. I started writing daily on a gratitude journal. So far it’s been an amazing experience. It is like practicing the art of gratitude by reflecting daily and listing the things that I am grateful for despite the hardships, difficulties and life challenges. It’s just nice to end the day thanking God for everything.

These are just some of the things you could do to prioritize things, it is not an easy task but once you master the art of prioritizing, you will achieve more. Also, less is better. As much as possible, do less tasks/goals at a time. It will help you enjoy the process, learn from it and create a quality output.

For more posts like this, check out my posts about Do Less But Better which is the theme of my year 2018.

Najmah is a Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Roots in Marawi. Born and raised in Jeddah. Studying in Manila. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. Check more of her works on Hijabi Mag

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