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One reason why I like WordPress a lot is because it is designed to inform search engines to index the sites easily. It just requires some practices and configurations to make it work best. One of the built-in features of WordPress that most bloggers ignore is Update Services. These are tools that automatically pings or notifies other services every time you publish or update a post. These tools will provide those services links to your posts. Remember that having more links pointing to your blog will increase your page ranking. These tools will also help in indexing your blog fast.

To enable Update Services on your WordPress blog:

1. Go to admin > settings > writing
2. Scroll down and find Update Services. By default, is added on your Update Services
3. Add the following Update Services (recommended by WordPress)

It should look like this.

4. Click save.

After doing this, every time you publish a new blog post all those update services will be notified and your links will appear on numerous sites. Eventually, together with other SEO practices, you will notice that your blog’s exposure grows.
Are you going to update your Update Services? Do you find this feature a gem? Share us your experience by leaving a comment below!
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