Writing helped me release whatever thoughts, emotions or ideas I had that I needed to voice out. Since I was a child, I already enjoyed writing — from scratch papers to diaries. When I was in first year high school, I started writing on Microsoft Word. I digitized my diaries because I caught people reading my diaries. So, I thought my PC was a safer place to write my secrets, thoughts, ideas and rants. I had a secret folder with all the files that were ‘dear diary’ entries. When internet was introduced to me, I found out that there was this thing called Blogger.com. I was so innocent what Blogger.com was about. But, I knew it was an online space where I can level up my writing hobby. Since then, my writings were not kept on a secret folder anymore and shared online.

Writing is close to my heart because I discovered it myself naturally. I practiced, failed and improved in writing out of passion. And, I still am practicing, failing, and improving. As an introvert person, writing gave me a voice that is audible in this world full of noise.

Writing has been my outlet of thoughts and emotions. Through it, I discovered more of my talent, my mind was triggered to create more ideas and I actually created more things. Writing has been my companion when I don’t feel like being with anyone but myself. Writing has been my weapon to express the artistic side of me. Writing has been my number one witness to almost every phase of life that I enter as a struggling individual — who loves to discover amazing treasures written on a piece of paper or virtually posted on the web. I love writing because it makes me enjoy my freedom of expression. I express more through writing than through speaking. I feel like my thoughts are suppressed when I speak. I believe in the importance of public speaking, I hope that soon I can train myself to be as vocal in my speech as in my writing. At the moment, writing is powerful enough for me to voice out my thoughts to my audience. It doesn’t matter how many they are. Every time I write I am certain that there would be at least someone who would read my voice I scribbled into words. And, that is enough for me.

But, I had to stop from writing for a year when I spent my internship and research in Saudi Arabia. Now, I’m back in the Philippines more stressed and busy with life. Currently, I’m busy with my remaining classes as a graduating student, reviewing for the license exam for Nutritionists and applying to Medical school. With all the things happening with my life lately, I find the need to start writing daily again as my therapy, as my disconnection from this noisy world and as my entrance to a world where writing is a powerful voice.

But, this time I’m going to write differently. Gone are those days that this blog was for a specific topic, for a specific audience and for a specific time. Back then, writing was synonym to ‘content.’ I looked at content as a main tool to get traffic, getting traffic means getting sales and getting sales means getting money. I actually moved almost 50% of my blog posts from here and moved those to a new niche blog where I monetize it with ‘content’ that, although factual, are planned, commercialized and marketed for profit. And, it’s totally okay to have a website that earns. It’s okay to do both — writing for profit and writing for free just to voice out freely.

As a writer, I long for freedom of voicing out. That was my very purpose why I started writing on a blog when I was a teenager. I was innocent about the commercialized side of writing and I enjoyed every piece I wrote. That is what I want to revive, I want this blog to be mainly about writing not for traffic or profit, but about voicing out.

I missed those days when I was writing as if I accidentally met a friend and we let ourselves get lost with our conversation. Such conversations aren’t planned, but are meaningful and sincere. I miss writing that way and now I’m back to do the same again. So expect that on this blog I’ll write mainly about everything that is related to my life such as life in med school, life lessons, religious reflections and my journey as a person.

This blog is going to be my playground as if I am still that child with diaries or that teenager with Microsoft Word but with more wisdom, knowledge and stories to tell.

Najmah is a Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Roots in Marawi. Born and raised in Jeddah. Studying in Manila. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. Check more of her works on Hijabi Mag