SEO Practices To Get Your Blog Noticed in 2017

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Although SEO is known as technical process for many bloggers, it is considered as an essential process in making websites or blogs noticed online. Many bloggers find ways to understand the basic and advanced SEO techniques and practices to improve page rankings, to increase sales and to drive traffic to their blogs.
As the number of bloggers continues to increase, the blogosphere becomes more saturated and getting noticed becomes harder. This 2017, SEO is not anymore limited to tags and technical stuff. It’s now also about simple practices that would definitely bring positive results.  It is the right time to start practicing these new trends. These require long term commitment and consistency but expect that its advantages is long term.

Blog exposure

For years, traffic and page ranks are the metrics that are used to track the success of a blog. Although, these numbers are essential in checking and monitoring the health of a blog it doesn’t directly determine the rate of sales and number of loyal readers. Instead of focusing on how to rank first and to reach thousands of views a day, focus more on boosting the exposure of your blog (communities, guest posts, etc), marketing your blog creatively and building a personality and transparency in your blog.

Diversify Your Traffic Source

There are a lot of ways to diversify the traffic source of your blog. It could be  social media marketing, guest writing and many more. There are a lot of social media, network or tools that may help you in marketing your blog. Don’t focus on using only the common ones such as Facebook and Twitter. Try other tools also such as periscope, snapchat, whatsapp, telegram, youtube, pinterest, stumbledupon and many more.

Learn True SEO knowledge

Learn how SEO really works. Basic knowledge will make you understand how this works and what are the best practices you may do to optimize your site. SEO is actually simple and easy to learn if you just focus and concentrate on learning it.

Do Not Copy

Now that there are a lot of blogs being published everyday, to stand out you need to have originality. Readers will leave your blog if they see contents that are just like what other blogs have. There is a need to put your own content and to share your original thoughts and ideas on your social media, if you want to increase your loyal readers.

Build A Personality in Your Blog

Privacy and having a personality in your blog are two different things. Bloggers value and protect privacy. But, building a personality online is by being honest with your blogposts and by blogging as if you are talking with your readers. You don’t need to be too personal or to provide sensitive information to be authentic and real online. You just have to be sincere and honest with your blogging voice.

Optimize readers experience and user engagement

You may have encountered blogs which blogposts look like run by robots. Those are blogs that prioritize SEO and keywords too much that they no longer blog with authenticity and personality. If you are building a blog that way just to level up your page ranks without really caring about the the information you provide online, then that strategy won’t last for a long time. Bloggers and online readers have become wiser when it comes to reading blogposts online, they don’t just read and believe a blogpost that don’t sound authentic. Blogs that have authentic voice stand out more and for a long time, because these blogs build real relationships, solve real problems and create personal authority. These blogs have blogposts not for the sake of SEO or keywords, but for the sake of providing authentic information online.
Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. You can also find her blogging on The Muslim Bricks

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