Even the most enthusiastic and organized blogger encounters blogging blues sometimes because we are just humans whose emotions and thoughts are easily affected by the things we see and hear. When we see that others are doing well in their craft, while we don’t, we get discouraged. That’s the thing we should avoid the most, seeing others and comparing what they do to what we do.

We have different reasons why we blog: perhaps to be heard more, to share our craft, or to just explore blogging. Whatever our reasons are sometimes we can’t avoid to feel that our effort isn’t good enough and that what we do isn’t that effective. We then feel wasting our time, worthless, or doing nonsense. Then the though of giving up would come up. It’s really difficult to keep blogging especially when we don’t have real life friends who have the same passion in blogging. We feel that no one understands us. It’s hard to keep motivated when we are only exposed to those bloggers we only know online, who only show us what they want us to see.

Due to that, many of us compare their behind the blogging scene to those filtered version of the life of the bloggers they know. They don’t see that those bloggers feel blogging blues too, and they also struggle in balancing their life on and offline. Many of us quit blogging because of these thoughts and feelings. They felt regrets for spending too much. Some of us They felt disappointed when they saw their stats decreasing despite their effort to drive traffic to their blogs. But you know, there will always be a lot of reasons to feel bad and to get disappointed if we look at those. Instead of thinking of the things that discourage us, we should remind ourselves of the things that would motivate us not to give up on things that we want to do.

Here are some reminders to remind yourself when you feel blogging blues.

Not having comments does not mean your blog isn’t being read

I met a lot of bloggers who think that the effectiveness of their blog is based on the comments they receive. They think that if they don’t get a comment, no one is moved or touched by what they just blogged. The truth is that doesn’t make sense.

Do you leave comment to every blog or site that inspires you? No. So not because your blog posts aren’t getting any comments, does it mean they aren’t being effective at all. Just keep on blogging on your chosen niche, you’re inspiring people who are silent yet waiting eagerly to read more from you.

Do not compare your behind the scene to what other bloggers choose to show

Not because they blog daily and that they are active on their social media accounts do that mean they aren’t struggling as you do. They aren’t successful bloggers instantly, they experienced running out of topics, struggles, and blogging blues. But, they kept blogging despite those because they love what they do. Remember that all those successful bloggers you admire were once where you are and still experiences it sometimes.

Don’t ignore those people reading your blog (even they are few)

Even you get 1 or 2 pageviews a day, don’t ignore that. Consider each unique pageview you get as a person because behind each pageview is actually a person. So, don’t just give up blogging because you dont get thousands of views a day. Every blog begins from having few readers, and it doesn’t take overnight to get your blog exposed to thousands of viewers. So, be patient and don’t compare your stat to those who says they get 10000 views a day, because it took them effort, time and patience to be there.

If you need a break, go have it.

Maybe you think that you can’t take a break because you already have built your readership network and you feel that it’s your obligation to post regularly. But, actually you need to check out from blogging sometimes to get inspiration and motivation outside the blogosphere because it is where inspiration and motivation are found. So it’s okay to go offline when you ran out of stories to share. Do something you enjoy, play sports with your friends, go to gym or eat at your favorite restaurant with your sister. It’s okay.

Clean up your working space or redesign your blog

Maybe to tidy up your space, to fix your room, or to have a clean area would help you to get motivated to write. If your working place is uncomfortable, you wont get any zeal to do something. So clean up your area and grab some decorations you like and place on your working desk, it may help you to get inspired to blog something tonight.

Redesigning your virtual space or blog would help a lot too. There was a time when I felt so unmotivated to blog but then I was amazed how my new blog design made me wrote 3 new blog posts overnight.

These are just of the things you could remind yourself when you feel like giving up. Also, remind yourself of your goals and the reasons why you started blogging. Also, evaluate yourself… do you really want to give up blogging? or you are just being discouraged because you think your effort doesn’t pay off? Stop comparing yourself to others. If you have a great reason why you are blogging, then shake off those blogging blues and just keep blogging!

Najmah is a Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist and Med student. Roots in Marawi. Born and raised in Jeddah. Studying in Manila. By Najmah contains posts about her life lessons, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor. Check more of her works on Hijabi Mag

23 Replies to “How To Shake Off Blogging Blues And Keep Blogging?

  1. Sound advice if you ask me. No doubt that this can be applied to my early stages of blogging. I’m glad to have come this far.
    Persistency, commitment are the key.

  2. Hi Najmah,


    Just few days back i felt that! (So, it’s called ‘blogging blues’ ha! ?).

    Just exactly the words I needed to push me a little bit!

    Nice article!

  3. Subhan Allah, Are there blogs that have 100,000 views a day too?

    Yes! seeing 0 views used a day used to make mr sad. But, thats no reason to quit. Besides there are other days when there are many viewers.

    Insha Allah-If not today, in future my blog would have a positive influence on some reader. This motivates me to write.

  4. Perfect advice! As a teacher, I have spent quite a bit of time pouring over data to drive my instruction. I really had to step back and reassess the purpose of data as a blogger. It is something I am still working on not seeing the page views as a measuring stick. 🙂

  5. Indeed. No hits a day used to bring about blogging blues but of recent I just push through with a bit of tweaks. It does take patients.
    Imagining getting 10000 hits made me smile. Jazakillahu khayr

  6. So true! I don’t look at comments any more but look at the pageviews. My pageviews tell me that people are reading and that’s good enough for me to keep writing.

  7. Agreed to all the points specially valuing the “views” we get. For me, it is such a happy day for me when I get views for a certain post and it is cherry on the top when I get hundreds overnight. 😀

  8. Wonderful tips and motivation. When I can’t think of what to write, I generally go back and exit my pieces. That usually gives me a new topic to write about.

  9. MashaAllah. I found that re-designing my blog helped to freshen it up. it made it so much easier to see where my content was lacking

  10. Yes ..I always forget to stop comparing my behind the scenes with their onscreen. Especially when people start asking ‘ so are u making any money yet? ‘. Insha’Allah this article will keep me going and never quit

  11. Jazakhallah khairan sis for the tips, as somebody who is new to blogging and not very organised and not having a lot of comments on my blogs, I always think what’s the point, but i know what’s the point cos blogging for me is therapy.

  12. Definitely good timing for this post. For me anyways. Been feeling both overwhelmed and underwhelmed this week. Which leaves me unmotivated. I think I’ll start with my desk 😉

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